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Die Bilder stammen alle aus Commons, es handelt sich um eine Pdf-Version des Kurses Kurs:Algebraische Kurven (Osnabrück 2008).--Bocardodarapti 19:37, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)

So respect the licence. You must indicate the source :
CC-by-sa .
Wikimedia commons is not a place where we take without saying nothing!.
By in CC-by-sa, say that you must indicate the author and/or the source.
So I stand by the removal request as the license is not respected, ie an indication of the source and/or authors of all images used.
Crochet.david 20:01, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
I am sure there is a practiable solution for this. The exact licenses of the pictures can be seen from the direct links from the wikifiles. Or do you mean that it is not possible to use pictures from Commons here in Wikiversity at all. Or do you think that in each case when we use a picture here the license should be restated? --Bocardodarapti 20:38, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
in your PDF file, you use images from Wikimedia Commons. A major part of these images are licensed under GFDL or CC-by-sa. So it must be made in the PDF the source of these images, indicating, for example, the web link you can see the author's name and the license under which he placed the image and this even if the author of the PDF is also the author of the images. tooth that is what the GFDL and CC-by-sa.
To keep things simple, just add a page at the end of your PDF file that shows the links involved Crochet.david 21:30, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
the Vorwort in the pdf-file says, that the images are from Commons. --Bocardodarapti 20:49, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
Yes, but it not say where I find the image, because I have not its name (ie, the name of each image).Crochet.david 21:30, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
if you take Algebraische Kurven (Osnabrück 2008)/Vorlesung 2 for example, the licenses of the pictures are not given in detail (the same with Wikipedia pages), and when you go to the Druckversion, the license of the pictures is also not documented, it just says CC...--Bocardodarapti 21:03, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
Yes and No, if you click into the image, you have the licence and the author : this file is under GFDL 2.1 (not in CC as you say just before), and its authors is Nk wich make this image from this another.
I meant the final licence statement of the Druckversion say CC..., it says nothing about the images. But I see now that one can also click on the pictures in the Druckversion.--Bocardodarapti 21:35, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
ok, so you speak here about the licence of the PDF file (not about the images) ? And what is the Druckversion ? Crochet.david 22:21, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)
I speak about the Druck version. The Druckversion is the official printversion which you can access directly from the Wikipage (on the left). There it only says at the end, that the text is under the CCbyetc licence. However, the pictures on it are still connected to the sources on Commons, which might make a difference. We are discussing the issue in the Cafeteria.--Bocardodarapti 22:29, 24. Feb. 2009 (CET)