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Open Social Science Conference 2019: Practicing New Standards in Transparency and Reproducibility[Bearbeiten]


Open Science refers to a broad, transdisciplinary movement aiming to open up research processes to promote the integrity, reproducibility, and value of scholarly work. Responding to pressing credibility and replicability problems in science, this movement thoroughly changed the fields of psychology and economy. Clearly, a similar fundamental rearrangement is coming in all social sciences, for example political science, sociology, and communication. This interdisciplinary conference brings together a mix of leading senior and junior scholars to present and discuss state of the art and future directions for open science practices in the social sciences. The conference has four purposes. First, it offers a forum for exchange and networking of researchers with the common purpose of promoting open science practices. Second, it strengthens skills and knowledge regarding open science practices. Hence, the conference is associated with a workshop organized in collaboration with the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS). Third, the conference features original research and showcases best practices in open science. Forth, the conference will facilitate (by granting free data collection for winners of the pre-registration challenge was one conference component) and produce original research (by initiating a crowdsourced replication effort on a well-known social scientific study).


  • Name: Alexander Wuttke
  • Institution: MZES
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