"College-Student D"

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IC 01 SJ: Ok, how old are you?

IC 02 D: 19

IC 03 SJ: Which grade do you actually attend?

IC 04 D: freshman in college

IC 05 SJ: For your highschool graduation you were required to pass level 2 in a foreign language, right? So, do you think it is necessary to learn a foreign language?

IC 06 D: yes, I think it is necessary, I think that it is necessary because it is important to be a well rounded person and expand our knowledge, plus it helps development in other areas.

IC 07 SJ: Yes, that's true. What languages do you speak?

IC 08 D: English, German and Dutch

IC 09 SJ: When did you start to learn German and Dutch?

IC 10 D: I started German in 8th grade, and I started Dutch about 6 months ago

IC 11 SJ: wow, that's great

IC 12 D: thanks

IC 13 SJ: Do you like to speak other languages?

IC 14 D: yeah, they're interesting

IC 15 SJ: Have you ever met a native speaker of German and/or Dutch'?

IC 16 D: I've met you and the other German amities we had in high school and my Dutch teacher was born in the Netherlands

IC 17 SJ: Do you still study German?

IC 18 D: Not anymore

IC 19 SJ: What was your motivation for learning Dutch?

IC 20 D: I was waitlisted for the German class I wanted and then intro to Dutch was open so I decided to try it and I decided that I really liked it.

IC 21 SJ: Oh... that's just too bad. But I'm glad you like Dutch, too. Besides classroom, have you ever used a foreign language to communicate?

IC 22 D: I spoke some German when I was in Austria to order food and explain to a hotel manager that the bathroom smelled strange.

IC 23 SJ: Were you successful? Did they talk to you in German then, or did they switch to English?

IC 24 D: for the most part, the hotel manager understood what I was saying, but the person I was ordering food from became confused. They talked to me in German. In stores where I was shopping they all spoke English to me instead of German

IC 25 SJ: Was Austria the only non-speaking English country or have you been to others, too?

IC 26 D: I have been to France, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands

IC 27 SJ: Wow, that's great! Can you imagine to live in a non-English-speaking country? Maybe as an exchange student or an incentive for your future company?

IC 28 D: I think that I would find it very difficult for the first few months, but once I got better at the language it would be very interesting and fun. For the College I am currently in I"m required to study internationally, and I am considereing doing and internship/study abroad program in Australia. I would love to travel for the company I work for in the future.

IC 29 SJ: What language do you speak then? Do you think yo'll be able to communicate with others in their mother tongue or do you expect them to communicate with you in English?

IC 30 D: I would probably end up speaking English with them. I speak can speak English, German and some Dutch, and I know some phrases in french

IC 31 SJ: I see, what was the reason for going to Austria, France and the Czech Republic?

IC 32 D: During high school I went on two different school trips and one went to London and Paris and the other trip went mainly to Austria and The Czech Republic, but we spent a few hours in the Netherlands and Germany.

IC 33 SJ: Great, I imagine it was a good experience for you.

IC 34 D: Yeah, it was really interesting and I feel like I really learned a lot on the trips.

IC 35 SJ: I bet. In your opinion, what's the most common or spoken language in the world?

IC 36 D: English

IC 37 SJ: Do you think everybody should learn English at school and speak it properly?

IC 38 D: I feel that it would be nice for everyone to learn English, but if everybody else learns English, I think we should also learn other peoples languages too, like Spanish, Chinnese, French etc.

IC 39 SJ: Why do you think so?

IC 40 D: Because I don't think that it is fair that everyone learns English, but in America we don't learn the languages of the countries learning English.

IC 41 SJ: Do you think English will lose its dominant role in the world one day?

IC 42 D: Possibly

IC 43 SJ: why?

IC 44 D: Because other populations are growing faster than the English population

IC 45 SJ: In your opinion, why do you think that English is THE world language?

IC 46 D: It is the most commonly used language for trade and business and it seems like everyone learns it.

IC 47 SJ: Are you glad to live in a country like the US which is so dominant concerning their world superiority and besides that they speak THE world language?

IC 48 D: I am glad for the fact that it makes communication for me easier for me.

IC 49 SJ: I see. Thanks for the interview!