"Highschool-Schüler A"

Aus Wikiversity

F01 SJ: How old are you?

F02 A: I am 17 years old.

F03: SJ: which grade do you actually attend?

F04: A: 12th grade.

F05: SJ: For your high school graduation you are required to pass level 2 in a foreign language, right?

F06: A: I believe that is correct

F07: SJ: So, do you think it is necessary to learn a foreign language?

F08: A: Neccessary no, but it is useful and a great experience

F09: SJ: What do you mean by being useful and a great experience?

F10: A: Learning another language helps one to understand their culture more than they already do and also its fun to be able to speak more than just one language

F11: SJ: Nice :) So, what languages do you speak?

F12: A: English and german (somewhat lol)

F13: SJ: When did you start to learn German?

F14: A: 8th grade

F15: SJ: How old were you at that time?

F16: A: 13

F17: SJ: And for how many years do you speak it now?

F18: A: 4

F19: SJ: Do you like to speak German?

F20: A: Yes speaking german is fun

F21: SJ: Have you ever met a native speaker?

F22: A: Of german?

F23: SJ: yeah

F24: A: Yes :P

F25: SJ: Besides classroom, have you ever used the language to communicate?

F26: A: Yes

F27: SJ: what was the situation like and do you remember when?

F28: A: I have a specific friend who also enjoys speaking german and talks to me in german whenever i see him. Like last saturday

F29: SJ: Does this specific friend speak English, too?

F30: A: Yes

F31: SJ: Have you ever been to a non-English-speaking country? Maybe as an exchange student or for vacation?

F32: A: No :(

F33: SJ: Would you like to go to a foreign country - and what for?

F34: A: Yes id like to go just to see what other countries are like

F35: SJ: Is there any specific country you'd like to visit?

F36: A: Japan And Germany

F37: SJ: Would you like to go there just for vacation or can you imagine to live there for a certain time?

F38: A: Most likely vacation

F39: SJ: What language do you speak then? Do you think you’ll be able to communicate with others in their mother tongue or do you expect them to communicate with you in English?

F40: A: Well for both countries i would want to know their language well enough to communicate with them

F41: SJ: In your opinion, what’s the most common or spoken language in the world?

F42: A: English

F43: SJ: Do you think everybody should learn English at school and speak it properly?

F44: A: In america? Or everywhere?

F45: SJ: everywhere

F46: A: It should be an elective so they have a choice

F47: SJ: Do you think English will lose its dominant role in the world one day?

F48: A: I cant be certain

F49: SJ: Why?

F50: A: Well its pretty dominant these days but anything can happen

F51: SJ: In your opinion, why do you think that English is THE world language? or what could be the reasons for being so dominant?

F52:A: Most likely because of how open our country is? I think?

F53: SJ: What do you mean by that?

F54: A: Just like, the attitude of our country and how our country in a sense trys to dominate and be number one if that makes any sense

F55: SJ: Yeah, it does :)

F56: A: Mmkay :)

F57: SJ: Thank you so much for the interview :)