"Highschool-Schüler C"

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H01 SJ: How old are you?

H02 C: 17

H03 SJ: Which grade do you actually attend?

H04 C: 12th grade

H05 SJ: For your high school graduation you are required to pass level 2 in a foreign language, right? So, do you think it is necessary to learn a foreign language?

H06 C: Yes you have to have completed 2 years of a language. And yes i think it is important that every student learns a language of their choice

H07 SJ: why do you think it's important?

H08 C: it is important to travel to other countries and it is a good way to learn about other cultures. It makes you well rounded. I also think it is important for job aspects. Having a language under your belt is important for any job

H09 SJ: So, what languages do you speak?

H10 C: i speak english and german

H11 SJ: When did you start to learn German?

H12 C: my 7th grade year. I took world languages where i got a feel of german, spanish, french and a few others. I decided to continue on in german my eighth grade year. and am currently in my fifth year

H13 SJ: wow, that's awesome :)

H14 C: thank you :)

H15 SJ: Do you like to speak German?

H16 C: i definitely do!

H17 SJ: Have you ever met a native speaker?

H18 C: yes i have. i met you, and i also traveled to germany last summer

H19 SJ: Wow, I guess that besides classroom you had to use German to communicate with Germans? Or did you use English?

H20 C: we used german when we traveled to germany

H21 SJ: what was it like - I mean how did you feel?

H22 C: it was a really great experience to apply the language to different situations. i enjoyed talking to other people in their native language]

H23 SJ: I bet! So, they did response in German or did they speak English, too?

H24 C: sometimes they used english because they knew we were from the U.S., but our teachers told them to always speak german with us so they did

H25 SJ: great! So did you enjoy the experience to talk to them in German or would you rather used English?

H26 C: i enjoyed the experience to talk with them in german. I felt like a part of the country :)

H27 SJ: Sounds like you really enjoyed that experience.

H28 C: i did :)

H29 SJ: Can you imagine to live in Germany?

H30 C: i definitely would love to go back to Germany someday

H31 SJ: Maybe as an exchange student or as an incentive for your future company?

H32 C: i could see myself going over there as an exchange student someday

H33 SJ: What language do you speak then? Do you think you’ll be able to communicate with others in their mother tongue or do you expect them to communicate with you in English?

H34 C: i would try my hardest to speak with them in german but if i have issues with word order or what not i would want them to correct me so that i learn

H35 SJ: That's a great attitude! In your opinion, what’s the most common or spoken language in the world?

H36 C: thanks! i think english is the most spoken because a majority also know english in other countries

H37 SJ: do you think everybody in the world should learn English at school and speak it properly?

H38 C: i think everyone should learn english, but if they dont speak it perfectly thats fine! Thats how we all work together to learn. learning different languages can be challenging just like when i speak german, i make mistakes sometimes as well but thats how we learn

H39 SJ: Exactly! Do you think English will lose its dominant role in the world one day?

H40 C: i really don't think so. such a majority speak the language, but i also think with english native speakers learning other languages, those languages will become more popular around the world

H41 SJ: that would be great! In your opinion, why do you think that English is THE world language?

H42 C: because the majority in the world tend to speak english. U.S. speaks english, and citizens in other countries such as germany also know english. when i was in Germany, a majority knew english

H43 SJ: of course, but why do you think, that English is the most popular language and not French for example?

H44 C: it could be because of the native born. for the first people that walked the earth and who came to our country, they all spoke english which is passed down to generations its really interesting to think about :)

H45 SJ: well, than it should be Latin or an Indogermanic language, don't you think so?

H46 C: yeah that is true also you really have me thinkin here lol

H47 SJ: I'm sorry ;)

H48 C: no that's good haha!

H49 SJ: So, can you imagine any reasons for the English language being so dominant?

H50 C: well if we started with english, more people understand english but as we grow into other cultures and learn new languages it keeps spreading. ii know that right now more people understand it. But that's a toughy

H51 SJ: But are there any other motives for the English language - I mean, can you see a reason why everybody tries to learn English by heart and not any other language?

H52 C: because a majority know it. the U.S. knows it and i think as people migrated the the United States they have to know that language because such a huge population knows it. for you, when you came to the United States you learned english. I think people feel the need to learn english because of so many people who nativly speak it. but on the other hand, more english speaking people have been learning other languages.

H53 SJ: Are you glad to live in a country like the US which is so dominant concerning their world superiority and besides that they speak THE world language?

H54 C: i am proud of my country of course, but i dont think we are better than any other country. i think every country should be at an equal standing

H55 SJ: Well, could you imagine being born anywhere else and having to learn English then?

H56 C: just like learning the german language here in the U.S., i can imagine living in Germany or lets say France and learning the English Language

H57 SJ: That's interesting :) Thanks for your opinion and the interview!