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Discussion in Heerlen 2. June 2008[Bearbeiten]

On this page, the presentation in Heerlen with the title Process-Oriented Support in E-Learning Scenarios can be discussed. You are invited to add ideas and give feedback!

Your Ideas[Bearbeiten]

  • It would be great if it were possible to create process-oriented completion problems where parts somewhere in the middle of a process should be completed by the learners.
    • Therefore, the insertion of a stop element should be possible. "Stop" means that now the student has to do some steps by himself.
    • How can the end of the completion be detected?
      • Solution 1: The student clicks a button "I'm finished"
      • Solution 2: The student's process is automatically analyzed by CleverPHL. When a specific structure element has been found, the completion is finished, and the recorded process can be continued.
  • The automatic analysis could also be used for automatic feedback.
  • Problem: The analysis of processes is time-consuming and cannot be done in real-time at the moment.