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Demonstrating, Guiding, and Analyzing Processes in Dynamic Geometry Systems[Bearbeiten]

Presentation at the ICTMT 2009 in Metz, France, by Christian Spannagel and Ulrich Kortenkamp



Notes after the talk by Ulli:

  • Question: Works only with Java?
  • Answer: Correct.
  • Q: Have you thought to extend it?
  • A: Yes, but much work, too hard, cannot do.
  • Q: OpenOffice?
  • A: No, only Java.
  • Q: TI Inspire CAS? It is Java based
  • A: we don't know whether it's Java based
  • Q: Has it been used for any research already?
  • A: Spreadsheet and SAiL-M. And RWTH Aachen Palm Simulator.
  • Q: Has it been used for Highschool Teachers?
  • A: Unfortunately not. It could be.
  • Q: Can it be used analyze Polya type processes?
  • A: Interesting. Could be helpful!
  • Remark: "Stumbling Blocks" are necessary for teaching.

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