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Benutzer:Holger Brenner/Wikiversity/Präsentation/Submission 2011

Aus Wikiversity

I would like to report on how I organize and present in the German Wikiversity the complete lecture and exercise material of the mathematical courses which I teach at the University of Osnabrück. In this way I have written so far seven courses (calculus, linear algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry, manifolds) which cover most part of pure mathematics of an undergraduate program. The students contribute to the content with corrections, questions, suggestions, pictures. The basic texts (definitions, theorems, proofs, examples) are written in separate files in order to make linking, referencing, multiple usage in different contextes etc. easy and effective. This working model (called semantic organization of mathematics) exhibits also some „e-learning features“ and enables to produce beside the web-based version an appealing (via latex) print-version (pdf).