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Benutzer:SGrabarczuk (WMF)

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Aus Wikiversity
Szymon Grabarczuk

Lead Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)
Wikimedia Foundation

Timezone: UTC+1/+2
Discord: sgrabarczuk
Telegram: sgrabarczuk
Languages: pl-N, en-3, fr-2, la-2, ar-0, de-0, es-0, hi-0, ja-0, ru-0, zh-0

Meine Arbeit
I care for connections between the communities and the Wikimedia Foundation Product and Technology teams. In particular, I invite questions and comments about the Vector 2022 skin, text readability, dark mode, Temporary Accounts, and Charts.

Do you need any help related to the projects mentioned above? Would you like to get involved? Talk to me. I your or any other language. Don't worry if you don't speak English or you're not comfortable using it.

Read more about how Movement Communications work.
Über mich
I was born and spent many years in Lublin, Poland. Next, I moved to Warsaw, and here I settled. My given name is Greek or Hebrew, my family name is of West Ukrainian origin, but I'm a Pole.

In 2010, I joined the Polish Wikipedia community as Tar Lócesilion. Since then, I have made thousands of edits. I became an admin of Polish Wikipedia, and years later, the Vice-Chair & Secretary of Wikimedia Polska.

I like food and coffee, walking, hiking, and nature; I like visiting museums at a slow pace; I like well-designed cities and clothing, sustainable transport, languages, books, and my wife. I don't like dirty kitchen floor.

Ich arbeite für die Wikimedia Foundation oder erbringe Dienste für sie. Dies ist das Konto, das ich für Bearbeitungen oder Erklärungen zu verwenden versuche, die ich in dieser Rolle mache. Allerdings überprüft die Stiftung nicht alle meine Aktivitäten und Bearbeitungen, Erklärungen oder andere Beiträge dieses Kontos spiegeln möglicherweise nicht die Ansichten der Stiftung wider.