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Hallo Juandev, wellcome to wikiversity. i think, you will soon get an introductory message from a more experienced user than i am. is it better for you to contact you in english than in german? i'll just try. i saw, that you want to contribute to Projekt:Atlas der Blütenpflanzen. So i want to ask you, whether it would be helpful for you to have some introduction in english. i could write it next week. -- Turnvater Jahn 00:09, 29. Mai 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

Yes, it would be nice to have English introduction.--Juandev 22:43, 30. Mai 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]
Ok, the translation is complete. Only as complete as the germen version, of course. -- Turnvater Jahn 19:28, 3. Jun. 2008 (CEST)[Beantworten]

I renamed your account as requested -- MichaelFrey 20:45, 25. Jan. 2009 (CET)[Beantworten]

Oh, thanks.--Juan de Vojníkov 18:18, 17. Mär. 2009 (CET)[Beantworten]
once again ;-) done -- MichaelFrey 17:35, 11. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[Beantworten]