Interview 3

Aus Wikiversity

Proband 3

A: How old are you?

P: 39

A: And your work?

P: I´m working part time at the moment. I been in hotel line for 6 years. Now I´m going to drive taxi.

A: Were you born in Singapore?

P: Yes, I am pure Singaporean.

A: Which do you like in Singapore?

P: Singapore is a clean and safe country.

A: Anything else?

P: Food is good also.

A: Singapore is known as a multi-culture social. Do you think that right? And why?

P: Yes

A: How?

P: Now a lot of foriegners come here for study and work.

A: As I know, there are in Singapore a lot of different religions. Each religion has its own celebrations. So it muss be a number of celebrations. How do you think about this?

P: Yes,I am a buddhist. I believe what and who you want to believe don´t talk about other religions.

A: No, I mean here celebrations. It´s a lot of celebrations. Do you think it inconvenient?

P: Yes, you mean religion celebration.

A: Is it tabu for you to talk about that? I´m buddhist too, but i don´t think like that.

P: No, is ok. Because vietnam most are buddhist and some are christian.

A: Do you think, for example this religious celebrations make Singapore multi culture?

P: No

A: Why not?

P: Celebration is just only what they believe,for long time as Singapore is already a multi culture country.

A: How many vacation days a year do you have? If on a work day you have your religious celebration, which is very important, what will you do?

P: You mean holiday?

A: Yes

P: 11 holidays if religion celebrations try to arrange off day in advance, but in Singapore work is very important.

A: So?

P: You need to work because the cost of living is high.

A: Yes, I know that. Did you and your schoolmates celebrate festivals together at the school?

P: No

A: Why not?

P: You mean religion festivals?

A: Yes, for example christmas

P: Youngsters here nowadays don´t know what is the meaning of christmas they just only know it is a holiday to enjoy.

A: Ah,ok, it means they don´t think about which religion it is just joining?

P: They don´t know the meaning of this religion celebrations.

A: You think all of people or only you?

P: Most of the people

A: Ok. Do you think, that your daily routine will be changed during the time of festivals?

P: No

A: Ok. Are there any religious festivals in Singapore, which you don´t like? Why?

P: No, I never dislike any coz i told you just now what you want to believe, go ahead don´t critizice other religions.

A: Good. Can you describe Singapore in a fews words?

P: Safe,clean and beautiful

A: That´s all. Thanks!