Interview 4

Aus Wikiversity

Proband 4

A: How old are you?

P: 22

A: Are you studying?

P: Yes, at the uni college of Dublin, Business management

A: Which languages can u?

P: English and mandarin fluently

A: Were you born in Singapore?

P: Yes

A: And your parents?

P: Yes

A: Which do you like in Singapore?

P: Food, the cleanliness, the attractions, smooth roads, people, the shopping malls, the culture, language, religions

A: why language?

P: Multi language. Can be bilingual

A: Yes, i think so. So which language do you use at school?

P: English main language, Chinese secondary language

A: Good, Singapore is known as a multi-culture social. Do you think that right? And why?

P: Yes, Coz got different races and different cultures. And we are multi-racial living in harmony.

A: Yes, i think it very interessting in Singapore :)

P: Ok, Cool

A: Which cultures are there in Singapore? I know chinese, indian, malay

P: And Eurasian. That's all!

A: As I know, there are in Singapore a lot of different religions. Each religion has its own celebrations. So it muss be a number of celebrations. How do you think about this?

P: Can. I think it's fun. Can celebrate their festivals and got free holidays.

A: How many vacation days a year do you have? If on a work day you have your religious celebration, which is very important, what will you do?

P: As long as it´s a public holiday, I would not need to attend school. Can't remember how many total days. Like I do celebrate Chinese new year, so it's like I will go house visiting and eat lots of good food and can have red packets that contains money

A: Are you Buddhist?

P: Nope, Taoist

A: Ah,ok. Did you and your schoolmates celebrate festivals together at the school?

P: But never really practice actually. Huh, Last time in secondary school got. Now gradually older never already, hahaha. Coz like everyone got their own style.

A: Do you think, that your daily routine will be changed during the time of festivals?

P: Like what? I don't get it.

A: No? Ok. Are there any religious festivals in Singapore, which you don´t like? Why?

P: No heh. All seems cool. Or do I have to say yes?

A: Can you describe Singapore in a fews words?

P: Singapore is a green city, with a multi racial culture, everyone living harmony and hand in hand

A: Ok, that´s all. Thanks!