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Diaspora Studies[Bearbeiten]

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1 Journal Of Asian American Studies
Journal Of Transnational American Studies
Global Networks
Diaspora Studies

Diaspora Studies is a biannual refereed journal. It has an interdisciplinary approach. It focuses on transnational alliances and diasporic networks, which have recently emerged as an important factor influencing international relations. Along with the theoretical issues on Diasporas, the journal covers classical and modern Diasporas from different regions of the world, both in historical and contemporary perspectives. Among these Diasporic networks, Indian Diaspora is the most recent one. The journal focuses on and studies the Indian Diaspora by comparing and contrasting it with other Diasporas. It publishes both theoretical and empirical research. However, it welcomes comparative and policy perspectives on Diasporas as a resource for home and host countries as well as for globalising international system.

This journal is published by Organisation for Diaspora Initiatives (ODI) based in New Delhi, India.

InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies The InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies (IJPDS) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal published annually in affiliation with Anderson University, Indiana, USA. The journal aims to provide a multidisciplinary, intercontinental, and polyphonic forum, which will permit dialogue among Portuguese and non-Portuguese scholars involved in research and creative work related to the Portuguese diaspora throughout the world. The journal publishes original research, evaluation studies, case reports, review articles, and book reviews. We also accept narratives representative of the Portuguese diaspora and whose message is conveyed in visual texts (photography), and/or creative/fictional writing (such as poetry and short stories). Papers submitted for publication may address any aspect of the Portuguese diaspora from humanities and social sciences perspectives. The works to be submitted are preferably written in English, Portuguese, Spanish, or French. Submission of a paper for publication in IJPDS is with the understanding, and under the author's warranty, that it has not been previously published nor is being considered for publication elsewhere. IJPDS accepts submissions on an ongoing basis.
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies Diaspora is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of the history, culture, social structure, politics and economics of both the traditional diasporas – Armenian, Greek, and Jewish – and those transnational dispersions which in the past three decades have chosen to identify themselves as ‘diasporas.’ These encompass groups ranging from the African-American to the Ukrainian-Canadian, from the Caribbean-British to the new East and South Asian diasporas.
Journal of African and Black Diaspora Studies

The Journal of African and Black Diaspora Studies is devoted to a critical interrogation of the trans/national movements, locations and intersections of subjectivity within the African and Black Diaspora in the context of globalization as well as in different discourses, practices and political contexts. The journal maps and navigates the theoretical and political shifts imposed by the nation state to provide a counter-narrative of subject positions of people of the African descended populations grounded in cultural and political responses.

The aim of the journal is to advance the analytical and interrogative discourses that constitute the distinctive and interdisciplinary field of African and Black Diaspora Studies in the production of knowledge of the deterritorialised and transnational nature of the African diaspora. Moving beyond essentialist modes of theorizing, the journal locates the movement of African and Black Diaspora (geographic, cultural, political and psychological) in the context of globalized and transnational spaces.

The journal seeks to broaden and deepen African and Black Diaspora Studies by providing a forum for new historical and theoretical interventions to map out the intersections and multiple narratives with other diasporas in all part of the globe. The journal seeks to historicize these diasporic dis/locations, movements and intersections, analyze their relationality across fields of social relations, subjectivities and identities across time and space.

THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIASPORIC CHINESE STUDIES The International Journal of Diasporic Chinese Studies is jointly published by three renowned academic institutions and a well-established publisher: Centre for Chinese Language & Culture, Nanyang Technological University; Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Manchester; Centre for Overseas Chinese Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Global Publishing of World Scientific Publishing. The Journal is published twice a year. Its inaugural issue was published in June 2009. Its sixth issue has been published in June 2011.

The Journal has its objective set on fostering the originality, multiplicity, and novelty in the studies of Chinese diaspora. It welcomes scholars from all disciplines across the world to submit and publish academic articles and research discussions, with Chinese diaspora as the subject of study. The topics include the phenomena of diasporic Chinese as an individual and a collective, their experiences and situations in the places of residence, their activities transcending regional and international boundaries, as well as their relations and connections with China. The contributing authors can adopt methodology respectively from humanities, social sciences, and even science and technology, or employ multidisciplinary approach to address the topics pertaining to Chinese diaspora. The journal will engage scholars to review the manuscripts submitted for publication. In addition, the journal also introduces to the Chinese readers the important publications and major academic activities from various languages in order to enhance scholarly exchange and investigation in the diasporic Chinese studies.

Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies Chinese Southern Diaspora Studies (南方华裔研究杂志) is a multi-disciplinary, open access annual electronic journal devoted to research on all aspects of the Chinese southern diaspora (that is, in Southeast Asia, Australasia, and the southwest Pacific region), from the earliest times to the present. The bi-lingual journal's current editor is Dr Li Tana. As Dr Nola Cooke has resigned as English language editor, the 2011 issue will now be combined with that of 2012, under the guest editorship of Drs Hong Lysa and Kwee Hui Kian.
Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora
Hmong Studies Journal
Pan-Japan: The International Journal of Japanese Diaspora The Statement of Purpose

Pan-Japan The International Journal of the Japanese Diaspora is published biannually in affiliation with Illinois State University. The Journal aims to develop research on the "Japanese Diaspora," the spread of people of Japanese ancestry or origin throughout the world. Though not as well-known as some of the other great migrations of people in human history (such as the Jewish, African, Irish, or Chinese diasporas, to name just a few) Japanese not only now cover the globe economically, but they have been residents of North and South America, Mainland Asia, and the Pacific for numerous generations.

The Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies About the Journal

The Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies publishes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural articles, interviews, and creative writings on the literatures, the histories, the politics, and the arts whose focus, locales, or subjects involve Britain and other European countries and their former colonies, the now decolonized, independent nations in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and also Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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Social Networks[Bearbeiten]

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Social Networks
Journal of Social Structure
Journal of Mathematical Sociology

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