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1 How can Enterprise Risk Management create and protect enterprise value? Learn how value-driven ERM aligns risk management with business strategy and embeds a risk management culture in the organization, striking an optimal balance between value creation and value protection. Gain tools to identify, quantify, and evaluate risks and to develop a health corporate risk appetite. Mostly a persuasive talk to convince the user of the new approach Chi-Vinh 18:33, 2. Apr. 2011 (CEST)
2 How to Specify and Apply Corporate Risk Management - Stanford Strategic Decision & Risk Management Many organizations squander their attractive - but risky - opportunities because they can't judge risks. Learn best practices for managing a well-specified risk appetite that can replace confusion, inconsistency, and personal risk aversion and provide a universal yardstick for adjusting value for risk. Keywords: Risk appetite, Risk aversion & Qualified Risk Appetite (QRA) a clear explanation of the concepts with little mathematical knowledge required. The lecture presents the concept of QRA to help decision maker with risky decision. Chi-Vinh 16:56, 2. Apr. 2011 (CEST)