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Professor Evaluation "Navigation and Orientation in Fish and Oceanography" Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences RUTGERS UNIVERSITY fall 95 with Uwe Kils

28 students enrolled - 18 finished

average of this course - in brackets: (average of all courses @ IMCS - all 300 level courses @ RUTGERS)

(1: strongly disagree - 3: neutral - 5: strongly agree) 1. The instructor was prepared for class and presented the material in an organized manner: 4.77 (4.44 - 4.50)

2. The instructor responded effectively to students comments and questions: 5.00 (4.55 - 4.75)

3. The instructor generated interest in the course material: 4.77 (4.16 - 4.41)

4. The instructor had a positive attitude toward assisting all students in understanding course material: 4.92 (4.51 - 4.69)

5. The instructor assigned grades fairly: 5.00 (4.25 - 4.83)

6. The instructional methods encouraged student learning: 4.85 (4.08 - 4.63)

7. I learned a great deal in this course: 4.62 (4.34 - 4.38)

8. I had a strong prior interest in the subject matter and wanted to take this course: 4.85 (4.57 - 4.53)

(1: poor - 3: neutral - 5: excellent ) 9. I rate the teaching effectiveness of the instructor as: 4.67 (4.20 - 4.48)

10. I rate the overall quality of the course as: 4.42 (4.18 - 4.29)

Questions added by department or instructor: 11. Do you advise for future that small presentation by most of the students would be good for the course? 4.15

12. Do you advise the computer instructional laboratory at Loree Hall was beneficial to the course? 4.54

13. Would you have signed up for this class if it would have been offered as a block course cyberCLASS mix: 20% in a main campus "Smart Classroom" 10% in the LOREE HALL Computer Instructional Laboratory, 20% via dedicated secure WEB course server, 10 % from a dedicated course CD-ROM and 30 % at our fieldstation in the old LifeSaving Station @ Atlantic City and 10 % social interaction on trips to New York or Philadelphia or Princeton, if you would have to pay $65 for living in the dormitory there for about a week and the travel expenses and below 10 dollars for the CD-ROM? 4.31

14. Would you accept an invitation to visit the Kiel ATOLL offshore laboratories and institutes in Germany if you would have to pay 165 US dollar? 4.77

15. Do you advise that the concept we try to integrate into teaching, with an Institute of Oceanography in the center of main campus on dry land, where the students are most, and a remotely controlled field station with instruments cyber-connected via fibre optics and satellite, is a future strategy appealing to students? 5.00

16. Do you advise the new Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences is a valuable addition to New Jersey and RUTGERS and deserves further funding and expansion? 4.90 (x.xx - x.xx)

14. Do you advise to have more scientists as guest-speaker invited? 5.00 (x.xx - x.xx) - three student wrote Cousteau

20. What did you like best about this course?

The fact that Prof. Kils always had an interesting topic to discuss each week. He also presented himself extremely well and always exercised one in discussions.

Computer + video education - lectures with slides.

I liked that the teacher was very enthusiastic and introduced many different techniques in the classroom. Also the involvement outside of class - was interesting and different than most classes.

The teacher was excellent, funny + entertaining as well as informative + intellectual - the computer Interaction!

I enjoyed the enthusiasm with with Uwe gave the lectures. Once Uwe started his lectures, three hours went by in five minutes.

The depth of his knowledge was impressive.

I like the fact that we got to go to the computer labs. The field trip to the station in Tuckerton.

The computer lab/WWW - The ideals behind fish behavior - The visit to Tuckerton.

Becoming aware of all the new technologies that are being used by marine scientists. I also enjoyed the field trip and use of computers. The use of computers and learning about fish and the use of the World Wide Web and the other multimedia.

The knowledge I obtained about computers + the interactiveness of global communication + the knowledge about aquaculture.

I'd like to see Dr. Grassle visit the class. I'd also like to have more field trips.

I learned a lot about the WWW + I liked the Recognition that I got *

This was my favourite course of my 3 years at RUTGERS.

21. If you were teaching this course, what would you do differently?

Absolutely nothing. This was the best class I've taken at RUTGERS so far.


Assign a research paper, presentation, or experiment. Allow students to pick study area and which type of project they would like to do!

I would have students do mini projects.

I would probably use movies more often to show behavior of fish and also show the behavior of may fish to compare them.

More trips (all should be optional and not part of the class (for fun))

I think I would offer a day where students can go to the research station and actually participate in research. Maybe allow students to net fish or to count species.

Maybe more student interaction - not much criticism her since I enjoyed the class - goto field station more than once.


22. In what way, if any, has the course or the instructor encouraged your intellectual growth and progress?

Prof. Kils introduced the entire class to the World Wide Web and showed everyone how to access different home pages. I have never used the WEB before this experience.

It was very useful. I also believe that there is a place in the marine field for me in the future.

U. Kils has provided me with a background of some aspects of oceanography that I may want to further explore.

I believe I will be taking more marine science classes in my future, and may consider it as a career.

If I didn't take this class, would't have known all the possibilities that can work with (cameras, computers, computer programs) in research. And I would never have a WWW page without this course.

I feel like I am more ready for my career goal.

Extraordinary uses of computers in a wide range of disciplines.

Dr. Kils encouraged students to become acquainted with other aspects of science - photography and computers. When he saw a weakness in the class's knowledge, he tried to fill it. He was also very pleasant personally - and a pleasure to greet every Friday morning.

He made me think + see ways of fish behavior differently! Also I now know so much more about using computers with research.

IMCS should try to get more students involved in research. One way to do this would be to make it a requirement for the Marine Studies major, but also include it in a course, i.e. Ichthyology or this course, so that it is easier to accomplish. Other majors have a similar requirement, but don't incorporate it into anything. so a lot of students have a hard time fulfilling this requirement.

I have completely been introduced to the WWW - and I would have never done this on my own, would have avoided it - I actually got an email address.

23. Other comments or suggestions.

A good idea would be to have a guest speaker (famous) from a Marine Institute come and give a lecture with hands on experience for the entire class.

The scientist I would like to see: Dr. Lutz, Cousteau - New course topics to be added: More behavior courses - More WWW courses.

Would love to see a class dedicated to the study of sharks! Make it fun, but educational! I would love to help get this accomplished (look at dinosaurs + insects + men) - I would like to see Fred Grassle come in as a guest speaker. I had him for Introduction to Marine Sciences + it was great!

Future topics: Shark behavior! Fisheries topics - marine mammals - guest scientists: of course Cousteau + his videos.

Topics to be added: 1) Fish classification: identification of local species. 2) describe the characteristics of more fish.

Uwe Kils enthusiasm to spread his ideas & knowledge to his students is what would make him a great teacher after he gets familiar with the teaching process in US.

IMCS should be used more by students. This is our university also.