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  • CommunityForge CommunityForge is a non-profit association that designs, develops and distributes free, open-source software for building communities with currencies.
  • Open money
  • Open Transaction Open-Transactions allows users to issue and manipulate digital assets.
  • Community Exchange System The Community Exchange System (CES) is a community-based exchange system that provides the means for its users to exchange their goods and services, both locally and remotely. It could also be described as a global complementary trading network that operates without money as it is commonly understood.
  • Cyclos Cyclos is a project of STRO, a leading organisation on monetary innovations. Cyclos offers a complete on-line payment system with additional modules such as e-commerce and communication tools. The Cyclos platform permits institutions such as local banks and MFI`s to offer banking services that can stimulate local trade and development. Cyclos is also used by many organizations and communities to provide community currency services.

With the latest version it is possible to roll out mobile banking services such as SMS banking and apps for smartphones. Cyclos is published under the GPL (open source) license meaning that it can be downloaded for free and used at no cost. Cyclos is currently available in ten languages and new languages are added with each release.