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| Q1=D
| Q2=B


Instructions: Edit the Q1= and Q2= to your choice

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Question 3: this is an essay question. Create a subheader named ==Question three== and answer it by editing below.

You have 211 more days to finish this test, which was started on 11/2

Answer Key[Bearbeiten]

Teachers, edit these subpages after the time has run out. Remember to click on the history tab of the page with the template to make sure answers were not changes after the answers were given.

Antworten für Frage 1: Template:Sampletest/A Template:Sampletest/B Template:Sampletest/C Template:Sampletest/D

Antworten für Frage 2: Template:Sampletest/A2 Template:Sampletest/B2 Template:Sampletest/C2 Template:Sampletest/D2