Wikipedianer unter Profis

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Wikipedian among professionals

Events you cant catch every day:

  • Youth Olympic games in Innsbruck, Austria
  • Royal Wedding of the Swedish crown princess in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Nobel Prize festivities in Stockholn, Sweden
  • International Soccer Match Austria vs. Romania
  • Outfitting of the german olympic team for London 2012



some useful hints[Bearbeiten]

  • be prepared
    • memory cards, batteries
    • memory cards, batteries
    • memory cards, batteries :)
    • umbrella, rain protection for everything
    • sunscreen
    • food, seat pad, something to read :)
    • talk to colleques
    • invesigate setting/place (pictures from last year?)
    • step ladder (2-3 steps)
    • 2nd body (you should be able to use it blindly)
    • be in time
    • protect your lens with tape
  • accrediation
    • look for deadlines, last minute is too late
    • Wikipedia vs. Wikimedia Commons
    • letter from editor
    • Presscard?
    • other support: mail adress
    • printouts of important mails, telephone numbers, ... (security may be not informed...)
    • build up relationships
  • No-gos
    • new, unknown technique
    • Flash
    • telephone on