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Plant keys

Anyway, could you repeat me, what kind of help you wanted from me in this project. Ive been browsing project pages and I dont know how to help if my German knoweledge level is zero. Anyway, Ive been takling with SB Johnny and I am translating BCP to Czech - hope in the future well be robotically sharing data. So something similar might work with "PBS". Somethink like placing on Beta language neutral/English language templates and than we can translate it to other languages. Well, let me know.--Juandev 18:38, 28. Jul. 2008 (CEST)Beantworten

Hi Juandev, thanks for the offer to help in this project. The transation to other languages is a great idea. I've neglected the project a little, since i wrote a data-wiki (for user-defined database tables, queries, inserts, ... WikDATA) for (hopefully) scientific, data-intensive projects. But in the moment, no one seems to need it. So i'm thinking about transfering it to engish, too.
Since PBS could get quiet data-intensive, i think it could be a great test case for the data wiki and didn't continue about the templates.
But (for my part), this will have to wait some weeks, because i am in the end phase of my dipl. thesis. But let's keep the language transfer in mind, it could ba a chance to get contributors for the keys project (PBS). -- Turnvater Jahn 14:56 1.08.2008

Well, I am on the beggining of my dipl. thesis and in the middle of the lab work. SB told me that he will place some universal templates and data to Beta (in winter, he has a harvest right now) that other people can just translate them. So I will wait, even me had lotsa work: school, work, cs, wikipedie, etc.--Juandev 16:39, 1. Aug. 2008 (CEST)Beantworten

I think, since lacking demand (at least for ger version), it doesn't hurry. So use the time for your thesis, i'd say. -- Turnvater Jahn 16:44 1.08.2008


ich hab wollte dir nur die Methodenseite näher legen ;o) Institut:Biochemie/Methoden. Du kannst es auch anders verlinken. Wollte dich nur drauf hinweisen. methoden, methoden, Methoden! Wir werden/sind besser als der Experimentator ;o) mfG --Gismo78 13:40, 20. Aug. 2008 (CEST