VO Sharing is daring: Open Science approaches to Digital Humanities

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lecture at the University of Vienna, Summer Semester 2020 u:find register

on Mondays, beginning on March 2, 2020, 16:45-18:15 (University of Vienna, main building, Hörsaal 41, 1st floor, staircase 8)

070265 VO Sharing is daring: Open Science approaches to Digital Humanities[edit]


Dr. Vanessa Hannesschläger


Aims, contents and method of the course[edit]

The course gives an introduction to the Open Science movement and its applications in digital humanities subjects. Students are introduced to different definitions of Open Science, the motivations of the Open Science movement and the European Open Science landscape. The main focus is on Open Science tools that are applicable in students’ and researchers’ daily routines. These tools enable users to find openly available resources as well as to share their own research. Participants will have the opportunity to test these tools and to receive support in using them in the course of the semester.

Assessment and permitted materials[edit]

Assessment will be by written examination at the end of the course covering the content of the lectures and the tested tools.

Minimum requirements and assessment criteria[edit]

Minimum passing grade for the exam is 51%. Key readings for the lecture topics and Open Science tools to be tested by the students will be provided each week in the Wikiversity course, on which the examination will be based.

Examination topics[edit]

Content of the lectures and the tested Open Science tools.

Reading list[edit]

The reading list and tools to be tested will be provided in this Wikiversity course.

Semester overview (SS2020)[edit]