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Das Ziel der Lernziele in diesem Kapitel wird im SCLO-Katalog wie folgt definiert:

"Here, a problem is defined as a symptom, sign or test result of a patient with which the physician may be confronted. The physician is able to assess a patient presenting this problem in a well structured way, and to establish a differential diagnosis. She/he is able to propose appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic, social, preventive and other measures, and to provide urgent intervention in case of a life-threatening problem.
Problems were selected if
  • they occur frequently
  • even though rare, rapid and appropriate intervention may be lifesaving or non-intervention might be harmfulE
  • they are a cause of excessive emotional distress for the patient"[1]


  1. Offizielle SCLO-Seite, abgerufen am 15.02.2015

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