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Vorlagen SCLO/ Vorlagen SCLO/ Vorlagen: Artikel
SCLO/ Vorlagen: Quellen
SCLO/ Vorlagen: Grundgerüst
SCLO/ Vorlagen: Textgestaltung
SCLO/ Vorlagen: Diverse
Fundus SCLO/ Fundus -
Hilfe SCLO/ Hilfe -


Kapitel Unterkapitel
SCLO/ General Objectives SCLO/ G: Communicator
SCLO/ G: Collaborator
SCLO/ G: Manager
SCLO/ G: Health Advocate
SCLO/ G: Scholar
SCLO/ G: Professional
Kapitel Unterkapitel
SCLO/ Problems as Starting Points for Training SCLO/ P: General Symptoms
SCLO/ P: Metabolic and Laboratory
SCLO/ P: Skin manifestations
SCLO/ P: Head, face, neck
SCLO/ P: Ear, nose, mouth, tongue, throat, voice
SCLO/ P: Eyes
SCLO/ P: Breast, chest, heart, blood pressure, pulse
SCLO/ P: Abdomen, stomach, bowels
SCLO/ P: Pelvic symptoms, urogenital problems
SCLO/ P: Bones, joints, back, extremities
SCLO/ P: Newborn, child, adolescent
SCLO/ P: Elderly persons, aging
SCLO/ P: Disorders of consciousness, balance, orientation, gait, movement
SCLO/ P: Mental, behavioral and psychological problems
SCLO/ P: Other reasons for medical consultation or problems in medical care
SCLO/ P: Psychosocial and interpersonal problems
Kapitel Unterkapitel
SCLO/ General Skills SCLO: S: History taking
SCLO/ S: Information und Management
SCLO/ S: Examination
SCLO/ S: Procedures
Kapitel Unterkapitel Unter-Unterkapitel
SCLO/ Disciplines-Related Objectives SCLO/ Internal Medicine SCLO/ C IM: Auto-Immune, rheumatological and skeletal disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Hematological Disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Immunological, allergic reactions
SCLO/ C IM: Endocrinological and metabolic disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Neurological disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Vascular diseases
SCLO/ C IM: Respiratory disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Gastrointestinal disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Disorders of liver, gall bladder and pancreas
SCLO/ C IM: Renal disorders
SCLO/ C IM: Geriatrics
SCLO/ C IM: Infectious diseases, not mentioned elsewhere
SCLO/ C IM: Poisonings
SCLO/ C IM: Vitamin Deficiency
SCLO/ C IM: Further Knowledge
SCLO/ Pharmacotherapy SCLO/ C PT Drug safety, Prevention and Identification of Adverse Events
SCLO/ C PT Interindividual variability and individualized treatment‎ (leer)
SCLO/ C PT Principles of Therapeutics‎
SCLO/ Surgery SCLO/ C SU Abdominal Wall and Hernias‎
SCLO/ C SU Acute Abdomen‎
SCLO/ C SU Anesthesiology‎
SCLO/ C SU Arteries
SCLO/ C SU Brain and Peripheral nerves (Neurosurgery)
SCLO/ C SU Breast
SCLO/ C SU Chest
SCLO/ C SU Colon
SCLO/ C SU Diaphragm
SCLO/ C SU Disaster medicine, Mass disaster
SCLO/ C SU Endocrinology (if not mentioned elsewhere)
SCLO/ C SU Esophagus‎
SCLO/ C SU Examination
SCLO/ C SU Gallbladder, Gall ducts‎
SCLO/ C SU Heart‎
SCLO/ C SU Inflammation and Infection
SCLO/ C SU Information and Management‎
SCLO/ C SU Jejunum, Ileum
SCLO/ C SU Kidneys, Urinary tract and Prostate
SCLO/ C SU Liver
SCLO/ C SU Localized disturbances of Muscle and Bone‎
SCLO/ C SU Lung‎
SCLO/ C SU Lymphatic vessels‎
SCLO/ C SU Male genitals‎
SCLO/ C SU Neck, Shoulder girdle and Upper Extremities
SCLO/ C SU Pancreas‎
SCLO/ C SU Pelvis and Lower Extremities‎
SCLO/ C SU Procedures‎
SCLO/ C SU Rectum and Anus‎
SCLO/ C SU Skin and Soft tissues
SCLO/ C SU Skull, Face, Mouth, Jaw
SCLO/ C SU Spine‎
SCLO/ C SU Spleen‎
SCLO/ C SU Stomach and Duodenum
SCLO/ C SU Surgical Instruments and Wounds
SCLO/ C SU Thyroid and Parathyroids
SCLO/ C SU Trachea, Bronchi
SCLO/ C SU Transplantation
SCLO/ C SU Veins
SCLO/ C SU Wound- and Fracture healing‎
SCLO/ Pediatrics SCLO/ C PE Diseases and Malformations of Kidneys and Urinary tract‎
SCLO/ C PE Diseases of the Endocrine Organs‎
SCLO/ C PE Further Knowledge‎
SCLO/ C PE Gastrointestinal disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Growth and pubertal disturbances‎
SCLO/ C PE Hemato-oncologic disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Immunological and Allergic disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Infectious diseases‎
SCLO/ C PE Metabolic disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Neonatology‎
SCLO/ C PE Neurological disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Orthopedic disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Pathologies during pregnancy with consequences on the newborn‎
SCLO/ C PE Psychiatry of Childhood and Adolescence‎
SCLO/ C PE Respiratory disorders‎
SCLO/ C PE Skin diseases‎
SCLO/ C SU Accidents, Poisonings, Emergencies‎
SCLO/ C SU Cardiovascular disorders‎
SCLO/ Gynecology - Obstetrics SCLO/ C GO Adnexae‎
SCLO/ C GO Body of the Uterus‎
SCLO/ C GO Breast‎
SCLO/ C GO Cervix‎
SCLO/ C GO Contraception, Pregnancy, Delivery
SCLO/ C GO Delivery‎
SCLO/ C GO Endocrine Gynecological disorders‎
SCLO/ C GO Examination‎
SCLO/ C GO Genetic disorders‎
SCLO/ C GO Miscellaneous gynecological disorders
SCLO/ C GO Postpartum and Puerperium‎
SCLO/ C GO Pregnancy‎
SCLO/ C GO Procedures‎
SCLO/ C GO Vagina
SCLO/ C GO Vulva‎
SCLO/ Psychiatry

SCLO/ C PS Adult Personality and Behavioral disorders‎
SCLO/ C PS Behavioral syndromes with Somatic factors
SCLO/ C PS Further Knowledge
SCLO/ C PS Mood disorders‎
SCLO/ C PS Neurotic and related disorders‎
SCLO/ C PS Organic Mental disorders‎
SCLO/ C PS Psychiatry of Childhood and Adolescence
SCLO/ C PS Psychoactive substance abuse‎
SCLO/ C PS Schizophrenia and related disorders
SCLO/ Ophthalmology SCLO/ C OP Anterior chamber‎
SCLO/ C OP Choroid‎
SCLO/ C OP Conjunctiva‎
SCLO/ C OP Cornea‎
SCLO/ C OP Examination‎
SCLO/ C OP Eyeball‎
SCLO/ C OP Eyelids‎
SCLO/ C OP Glaucoma‎
SCLO/ C OP Iris and Ciliary body‎
SCLO/ C OP Lacrimal apparatus
SCLO/ C OP Lens‎
SCLO/ C OP Optic Disc and Optic Nerve
SCLO/ C OP Orbit‎
SCLO/ C OP Procedures‎
SCLO/ C OP Refraction and Accommodation‎
SCLO/ C OP Retina‎
SCLO/ C OP Squint‎
SCLO/ C OP Underlying diseases‎
SCLO/ C OP Vision and Visual fields
SCLO/ C OP Vitreous fluid
SCLO/ Dermatology SCLO/ C DE Allergic and Non-allergic Intolerance reactions
SCLO/ C DE Alterations of Pigmentation‎
SCLO/ C DE Auto-immune and Bullous dermatoses‎
SCLO/ C DE Bacterial infections‎
SCLO/ C DE Benign tumors and Nevi‎
SCLO/ C DE Diseases of Skin Appendages‎
SCLO/ C DE Fungal infections‎
SCLO/ C DE Further Knowledge‎
SCLO/ C DE Genodermatoses‎
SCLO/ C DE Granulomatous diseases
SCLO/ C DE Papular and Erythematosquamous disorders‎
SCLO/ C DE Parasitic infections‎
SCLO/ C DE Photodermatoses and Physically induced dermatoses‎
SCLO/ C DE Premalignant and Malignant skin lesions‎
SCLO/ C DE Proctological diseases
SCLO/ C DE Psychodermatoses‎
SCLO/ C DE Sebaceous gland diseases‎
SCLO/ C DE Sexually transmitted diseases (not mentioned elsewhere)‎
SCLO/ C DE Vascular diseases‎
SCLO/ C DE Viral infections‎
SCLO/ Otorhinolaryngology SCLO/ C OT Cervico-facial region‎
SCLO/ C OT Esophagus‎
SCLO/ C OT Examination‎
SCLO/ C OT External Ear‎
SCLO/ C OT Hearing disorders‎
SCLO/ C OT Inner ear and Vestibular organ‎
SCLO/ C OT Larynx, Vocal cords, Tracheo-bronchial system
SCLO/ C OT Middle Ear‎
SCLO/ C OT Nose, Paranasal sinus, Anterior Skullbase
SCLO/ C OT Oral cavity, Pharynx, Hypopharynx‎
SCLO/ C OT Procedures‎
SCLO/ C OT Salivary glands
SCLO/ C OT Vestibular dysfunction
SCLO/ Radiology and Nuclear Medicine SCLO/ C RN Computed Tomography (CT)‎
SCLO/ C RN Contrast Media‎
SCLO/ C RN Conventional radiography
SCLO/ C RN Legislation on Imaging data and Radiation protection‎
SCLO/ C RN Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)‎
SCLO/ C RN Organ related Radiopathology‎
SCLO/ C RN Physics of Nuclear medicine‎
SCLO/ C RN Physics of X-ray and Types of Radiation used‎
SCLO/ C RN Practice of Imaging Procedures‎
SCLO/ C RN Principles of Radio-oncology
SCLO/ C RN Risks from Exposure to Ionizing radiation‎
SCLO/ C RN Special Uses of radiology‎
SCLO/ C RN Ultrasonography (US)‎
SCLO/ Public Health, Insurance- and Occupational Medicine SCLO/ C PH Basic Terms and Concepts of public health‎
SCLO/ C PH Biostatistics‎
SCLO/ C PH Chronic and Degenerative diseases, Accidents
SCLO/ C PH Demography, Health Indicators and Data sources‎
SCLO/ C PH Environmental medicine, Methodological aspects
SCLO/ C PH Epidemiology
SCLO/ C PH Epidemiology and Prevention of Infectious diseases‎
SCLO/ C PH Infectious diseases, Basic terms and Concepts
SCLO/ C PH Insurance medicine, Basic terms and Concepts
SCLO/ C PH International Health‎
SCLO/ C PH Legal aspects of working as a physician‎
SCLO/ C PH Occupational diseases‎
SCLO/ C PH Occupational medicine, Basic Terms and Concepts
SCLO/ C PH Physical, Chemical and Radiological Hazards
SCLO/ C PH Prevention and Health Promotion
SCLO/ C PH Preventive Strategies for Infectious diseases
SCLO/ C PH Social insurance‎
SCLO/ C PH The Swiss healthcare system‎
SCLO/ C PH Work and health‎
SCLO/ Forensic Medicine SCLO/ C FM Dead body‎
SCLO/ C FM Death of a Child‎
SCLO/ C FM Examination‎
SCLO/ C FM Forensic Traumatology‎
SCLO/ C FM Injuries due to Chemical causes‎
SCLO/ C FM Interference, Injury due to Chemical cause
SCLO/ C FM Legal Aspects of Injury (StGB / CP)‎
SCLO/ C FM Parentage testing‎
SCLO/ C FM Procedures
SCLO/ C FM Professional Duties and Responsibities‎
SCLO/ C FM Sexual Offences‎

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